The guys from Kemmler und Kemmler presented us with an extraordinary proposal. For House of Vans 2018 B&&B stand, they wanted to create the biggest workshop to customize your own SK8-hi. With our team and the machinery provided by Fablab Berlin, we designed different experiences for the guests, from heat press to laser engraving.

year: 2018
client: vans
discipline: workshop 
sector: fashion event
team: Carla Janson

The participants could use some or all of the stations designated in the space to create their custom sneakers. The stations were divided in laser engraving, where you could choose from several graphic designs to be engraved onto your shoe, heat-press, where you could change the color of the wave and also add some personalized drawings, embroidery, where you had lots of pre-manufactured embroidery pattern or you could embroider your own name, and last but not least, the laces and metal stud station. Also joined with an open workshop with all kinds of accessories.

You can find more info, and, also more amazing pics in:

house of vans