Bringing a homely feeling to an automotive environment has always been part of the car industry briefing. Daimler wanted to bring their high quality variety of  scents to your home. We helped them adapt the diffuser allocated in the car to one you can use at home. Making it safe to use and easy to understand although maintaining the MB experience untouched. 

year: 2018
client: makea
discipline: digital prototyping 
sector: automotive, houseware
team: doshimatoshi, Olaf Thiele

In this case the chasis and system of the device was given to us, so the bigger challenge was to integrate the parts given with the whole product and make it as natural as possible. We based ourselves in a main body which would allow us to develop a subtile diffusing system. Also creating a nice lighted atmosphere around it. 

One of our main concerns was to create a fluent and intuitive user experience. We studied the possible cases and designed a sensor control which allows the user to change intensity, switch to sleeping mode and turning off and on with a simple touch and slide.