Mimycri is a registered non-for-profit organization in Germany. They needed assistance with their 2018 collection. In a diverse team, we promoted design workshops and processes to come up with new concepts as a team.

year: 2018
client: mimycri
discipline: fashion design
sector: fashion, upcycling, social
team: mimycri’s design and tailor team

We had 2 months to work with team members and volunteers alike in order to create the second collection of mimycri. We applied different techniques to boost the creativity of all the participants and made all the decisions in consensual. The participants develop their own mockups out of paper and cardboard, before the pattern-making stage.

Everyone brought their expertise, style and functionality in the mix, based on a simple brief for the collection, which was the need of a small backpack, a big bag and a bumbag. By the end of the process with had all the initial patterns to start building the new collection.